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Can I try using PebbleGo before buying it?

Yes! We’re confident that once you and your students begin using PebbleGo, you’ll want to build this into your curriculum. To obtain a FREE, no obligation two-week trial, go to our PebbleGo trial page to sign up.

How can I place an order for PebbleGo?

PebbleGo orders can be placed the same way as any other order (i.e. fax, web, phone, etc.). In all cases, please make sure to include the ISBN(s) of the product(s) you wish to order.  If you are ready to place your order now, click here.

Since PebbleGo is setup with a username and password, if you have a preference of what that username and password should be, please also include that information on your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Additionally, it is very helpful to include the e-mail address for the contact person who will receive the Welcome E-mail.

Multiple schools in my district are subscribing to PebbleGo. Is there a quantity discount?

Depending on the number of schools in your district, there may be discounted pricing. Please contact your local sales rep for specific details.

Once I place the order for PebbleGo, what happens next?

Once Capstone receives the order, Customer Service will contact you if there are any questions. If there are not any questions with the order, within 5-7 business days, you will receive a Welcome E-mail from Customer Service confirming your username, password and URL.  Once you have this information, you can begin using PebbleGo.

Why can’t I see the latest version of PebbleGo?

If your browser is IE 8.0 or older, you will experience the original PebbleGo Flash-based games and design.  While the article content remains the same, users on mobile devices and more current browsers will see an updated user interface and games.

I want to use my iPad to access PebbleGo.  Is that possible?

You bet!  Beginning in the spring of 2014, PebbleGo will be accessible using the iPad.  You can learn more about this on our system requirements page.

My school uses a firewall. Are there any addresses that need to be white listed on the network?

Yes.  In some cases, you may experience problems with some of the pages loading if your school is filtering traffic on your network.  Please ask your IT or network team to white list (allow access) to these two domains - d15sxt00f9r9sy.cloudfront.net and assets.pebblego.com

When I click on the PebbleGo direct link from your e-mail, it still asks me for my username and password. How can I fix this?

Depending on the software that you use to view your e-mail, it sometimes does not recognize the entire URL and it cuts it off. This will cause it not to work. To overcome this, try copying and pasting the URL from your Welcome E-mail directly into your web browser. Note that the last part of your URL may contain special characters and/or equal signs. It’s critical that all of these special characters be included in your URL. If your URL still doesn’t work after trying this, please contact Customer Service.

My direct link used to work, but when I click on it now, it asks me for my username and password. Why is this?

Again, the direct link for your site is unique to you and the URL is different for each username and password combination. So, if someone changes the password of your site, that will change your direct link and you’ll want to contact Customer Service to get the new one. This is very important to know as if you have multiple computers that have shortcuts/bookmarks to your PebbleGo site, they will all have to be changed.

I would like to have a different username or password. How can I change it?

Your username must be unique and because of this, only Customer Service can modify it. You are, however, able to modify your password by logging into PebbleGo using your administrative username and password.

Can my students access PebbleGo at home?

To take full advantage of PebbleGo, it is strongly encouraged that students access this valuable resource at school and at home. To access PebbleGo at home, the students can simply go to PebbleGo.com and type in the username and password for your school. This will allow them the exact same access as in school.

How can I track usage?

As part of your subscription, you have access to an administrative site that grants you access to usage information. When you go to www.pebblego.com, log in using the administrative username and password that you were provided in your welcome e-mail and that will provide access to usage information.

PebbleGo is an outstanding resource! Has it won any awards?

PebbleGo has received awards year after year, including the year that it came to market.  To see more information about PebbleGo reviews, click here.

Instead of using a username and password to log into PebbleGo, I want my students to have a direct link to my site. Is this possible?

Absolutely! When you receive your Welcome E-mail from Customer Service, the URL that is sent to you will be a direct link to YOUR PebbleGo site. This link can then be setup as a shortcut/bookmark on the computer.

Do you have a list of the articles included in the database?

Yes, we do.  You can view the list of articles for each database by clicking on the links below:
Social Studies
Estudios Sociales

Do you offer Professional Development?

Depending on your circumstance, Professional Development may be available for your school district. Please contact your local sales rep for more details.

Do you offer companion books for the articles on PebbleGo?

As a supplemental resource, we do have companion books to go along with many of the articles on PebbleGo Please contact your local sales rep for more information.

What if I have an article suggestion?

All suggestions are welcomed always.  Please e-mail your suggestion to support@capstonepub.com

How can I contact Customer Service / Technical Support?

If your question has not been answered through these frequently asked questions, you can contact Customer Service by e-mail or telephone. E-mail your question(s) to support@capstonepub.com or call 1-888-517-8976 during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday – Friday.